Salesforce Consultation Services and Products

salesforce integration services

Do you have data in multiple platforms and locations? Is your team wasting time entering data multiple times or switching from one application to another?

Integrating platforms with Salesforce can be easy and sometimes it can be difficult. There are multiple applications and methods to be successful with integrating with Salesforce. Better Partners can guide you to the best solution and help get your data flowing where it needs to be.

Are you losing sales or customer information due to lost emails? Are important deal information lost in your team’s inboxes?

Tracking customer and prospect communication is crucial to your sales process. There are multiple methods to integrate your email with Salesforce. Depending on your needs, one platform may be better suited. Better Partners can help you determine which email integration system will be best for you.

Need regular and on-going help? Don’t have a full-time Administrator?  Better Managed Services can provide you with the support you need to be successful

Thinking or about to purchase Salesforce? Recently purchased and trying to configure it to suit your organization’s needs? We have a suit of implementation bundles to fit your needs. Learn how the Better implementation process can make your Salesforce a successful tool for your organization.

Data management for Salesforce

Success with Salesforce is only as successful as your data is accurate, complete and clean. Duplicates, incomplete fields, poorly entered data can cause your Salesforce reports to become worthless. From cleaning your existing data, assisting with data imports, and removing duplicates, Better Partners has the tools and services for you to be successful

Fast Salesforce Help

Do you need help right away? Have a project but don’t know the best way to be successful? Have something not behaving properly? You need a Better Salesforce Medic!