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What is our Salesforce Training?

Our training service includes basic to advanced coaching and mentoring for local administrators.  Topics range from best practices to how-tos and troubleshooting solutions so your Salesforce CRM admin can be ready for anything. We cover timeless fundamentals, today’s cutting edge techniques and future planning with the newest editions. See one of our blog posts on good data practices for an example of what we might teach.

Why is getting trained important?

In Salesforce, there are often multiple ways to create a solution, but there may be pros and cons for each. Its important to understand these when deciding on a solution. This is a “teach-to-fish” type training so internal teams can be self reliant. We want your team to be ready for anything and with our training that will happen. The more you know about the system you are implementing the better the decisions you make. See our blog and video on CRM training.

How is it done?

With our vast past experience with similar solutions/challenges we hand down our tricks, tips and lessons learned. We have access to other top Salesforce experts (company and community) with similar experiences as your own. We have deep knowledge of inner workings of the Salesforce platform to help train admins on how best to create solutions that meet user needs and can be maintained efficiently.

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