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Integrating AutoQuotes with your Salesforce CRM brings numerous benefits. So how does Better Partners’ AutoQuotes Integration for Salesforce work? Is there more than one option available?  AutoQuotes Integration for Salesforce is not 100% automated due to some restrictions of AutoQuotes itself, but the amount of manual effort is limited.

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Cloud Solution
Runs on cloud based platform (no hardware for you to manage or maintain
Schedule Processing Only (4x / Day)

Process Details

  1. When users create or edit quotes in AutoQuotes, they add a unique value (generated in Salesforce) to the Project Code or Job Ref field. This will link the quote to the related Salesforce Opportunity
  2. The system emails a change summary file to organization user(s) each day.
  3. Organization user downloads and extracts the summary file, saving it to a folder (local or shared, depending on solution).
  4. Better Partners’ solution runs on a daily schedule, creating new products (Opportunity Line Items or custom objects) from quotes in the AutoQuotes change summary file to their matching opportunities in Salesforce
  5. Cleanup process removes any obsolete Opportunity Line Items/custom Product records from Salesforce recently replaced with more current product line items (eliminates duplicates in Salesforce).

Other considerations

  • Cleanup only applies to line items from AutoQuotes; manually entered custom quote line items not affected.
  • Can be used for Opportunity Products (standard object) or custom object representing Opportunity line items.
  • Active MAFSI membership required for delivery of Autoquotes change summary file to organization users.
  • Other considerations may apply


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