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Recommended List of Salesforce Software and Tools

The Better List is a list of recommended third party Salesforce software that meets 6 specific criteria. Some of these applications we love so much we are referral partners. Many of these applications we use on a regular basis. Some are free, some are paid apps.

Read more about what it takes to make it on the Better Recommended List.

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CRMfusion logo
Referral Partner
Powerful tool for cleaning salesforce data and making on-demand mass changes. This is Better Partners’ go-to tool for reviewing and cleaning duplicates, mass ownership changes, and Lead & Contact imports. Read More
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Referral Partner
Email Integration with Salesforce for both Gmail and Outlook. View, Edit, and create data from your Salesforce environment directly in your inbox. Read More
Xappex Logo
Referral Partner – Code: BETTERPARTNERS
XL-Connector (formerly Enabler4Excel) works with your Salesforce data directly from Microsoft Excel. Can be used on multiple computers. Can login to multiple orgs. Simple. Works with PE. G-Connecter (Sheets version) available too. Read More

Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries

Declarative solution to lookup summaries over related records.
Realtime rollup summaries calculations
Scheduled rollup summaries calculations
Roll up Summary functionality with lookup fields.
No coding required Read More