What is a Sales Process Audit?

This service is an analysis of your current documented sales process (in Salesforce or otherwise) against what really happens when your sales team meets with prospects and customers.  We handle projects ranging from small business to global corporate enterprise level. The first step to getting better is getting a full diagnosis!

Why is getting one important?

A process audit is important to check if Salesforce accurately models what your team actually does (or you want them to do), if not, the process won’t be followed and ineffective. This is analogous to getting a check up at the doctor. See our video and blog on what to do if you need a little more help with your CRM.

How is it done?

  • We completely and from the ground up, review your sales process and systems as documented.
  • We interview you and your sales team to determine what happens in real world day to day applications.
  • We identify gaps and suggest solutions to bridge the gap to your “desired process”.

Once we understand your business better we can then recommend implementations, configurations, administration etc.

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