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We Are Award-Winning Certified Salesforce Consultants

We make your business better

Put simply, we want to help you and your organization improve – it’s what we do! Sometimes, that means taking a look at your business processes and tweaking them. Other times, we might implement new business software, like Salesforce CRM, or optimize your existing system suite to play nicely together. We look at each of our client’s individual needs and construct a CRM product plan that fits their unique circumstances.

We’re consultants located near Detroit, MI, but available nationwide. We become part of your team so we can help make your small business or enterprise level company, “better.” There’s where you are, and then there’s where you want to be.

Learn how we can make you better.

We work with smart companies

Our partners (clients) are growing companies and organizations of all sizes and industries with one thing in common: they want to use a CRM to achieve their goals and get better. They are led by people who understand the value of real time technology, but might need a little help to realize its full potential for their organization.

Our partners may need our help in the implementation, selection, optimization and management of new CRM software. As well as improving existing practices, or have a better understanding of the tools they have in front of them. One very popular service is transitioning to Lightning Edition.

No matter the situation, we can help.

A nimble team dedicated to results

We are a team of award-winning, certified partner, Salesforce consultants driven by customer service and in helping their clients realize their potential. We are committed to helping companies achieve their goals. We also love the thrill of discovering new ways to use customer relationship management technology, sharing that discovery with others, and helping organizations get “better.”

We have a long list of happy clients

Happy Client Testimonial

“Working with Better Partners is like working with a good internal IT team. They’re prompt in responding to requests and know the product inside and out. Torrey and Brian do a great job of laying out options for issues and really dive deep to talk about the pros and cons, all while keeping in mind how your business functions. They’re truly there to help you succeed as a business and if you’re looking for it to grow as an admin.”

– Jeff Sbonik

We’re driven by one primary goal: to make you “better.”

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