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It’s hard to have eyes on all the plates your sales team is spinning. You may wonder…

What’s going on in the Opportunity Pipeline?

What deals are in the works?

Is my team on top of key sales follow-ups?

Are dates slipping through the cracks? 

And most importantly…

Are we leaving money on the table? 

The good news is Salesforce can absolutely help with all of those questions. Central reporting is a core functionality of the platform. If you’re just beginning to explore the use of Salesforce, customizing the reporting feature may feel daunting but is vital to sales success.

Customizing is Key

Better Partners can help business of all sizes customize Salesforce reporting so that none of your in-progress deals are overlooked or lost in the spreadsheet shuffle. Better Partners customizes the central reporting feature so all information is in one place. It’s visible to your entire team for better collaboration, accountability, and accuracy.

Now that sales info is centralized…use it!

Effective Weekly Sales Meetings

A great benefit to using Salesforce reporting is it makes an effective agenda item at your team meetings. Ditch the spreadsheets and make Salesforce Pipeline Reports and Open Opportunities Reports the agenda items to tick through. Everyone’s on the same page and next steps become evident. Success is practically guaranteed.

As you probably know, Salesforce makes frequent updates. We’re on top of improvements and can tweak the platform for your needs. As always, we do the training so your team stays focused on results.

A deal in limbo is like leaving money on the table. Let Better Partners help you fine-tune Salesforce for custom sales reporting.

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