What is Salesforce Data Deduplication?

Your data is one of the most important aspects to making your Salesforce implementation successful. When data is structured incorrectly, not complete, or simply not visible to the right people, your adoption and usability of the platform decreases dramatically. One of the common issues every customer experiences is duplicate data. With Salesforce deduplication (dedupe) service we clean and remove your sluggish duplicate data.

Why is it important?

It can be really easy to get duplicate records into Salesforce. It can happen because someone didn’t search properly for an existing records before creating a new one. It can happen because an import spreadsheet wasn’t cleaned before data was created. Regardless, duplicate records are the bane of every CRM environment. It wastes resources, messes with analytics and reporting, and cause system crashes. See our video and blog on finding out if you’re leaving sales team is inefficient.

How is it done?

There are many ways you can handle duplicates. You can manually review and manually merge duplicate records in Salesforce. This is viable if you’re overall data set is pretty small. For most companies, this is simply not feasible. There are some great tools and services that help remove the duplicates from your system (feel free to ask us about them). We take everything in consideration and perform the optimal process to dedupe your data! See our blog post on preventing duplicate records.

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