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Back in February 2016, Salesforce announced changes in their edition pricing. In addition to announcing their prices increasing by 15% to 20%, new features are being added to each edition. These new additions have been branded as “Lightning Editions.” This does not mean you are required to use the new Lightning Experience UI. A Lightning Edition is simply the branded name being used to differentiate the current edition names and what’s new. Read below for the review and differences between the editions:

Lightning Edition Feature Changes

Lightning Professional Lightning Enterprise Lightning Unlimited
Single Salesforce Console App
Process Builder (5 Process per org)
Custom Profiles & Page Layouts (2 profiles)
3 Record Types per Object
Unlimited Apps & Tabs
10 Developer Sandboxes
Unlimited Salesforce Console Apps
Partial Sandbox
25 Developer Sandboxes
Live Agent Web Chat
Partial Sandbox
100 Developer Sandboxes

Existing customers will receive these improvements on a roll out schedule. As of 4/29/16, the roll out date for the majority of customers will be May 17, 2016. You can view the full roll out schedule here:

Existing customers will not lose any of their current functionality. New customers signing up after the Lightning Edition release will experience some changes depending upon if they are using Sales Cloud or Service Cloud Licenses. These changes are fairly minor and do not impact “core” functionality. For example, new customers who purchase only Service Cloud Licenses will have access to Opportunities, but not Quotes.

We’ll take a deeper dive for each edition on what the  possible impact will be for you. Stay tuned for additional posts.

Price Changes to Lightning Editions

Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Former Price Lightning Price
$65/User/Month $75/User/Month
Former Price Lightning Price
$125/User/Month $150/User/Month
Former Price Lightning Price
$250/User/Month $300/User/Month

For more details about edition pricing or impacts to your current contract, please contact your Salesforce Account Executive.

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We’ll be adding more details as new posts and will provide links here. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on Lightning Editions Review and Differences!

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