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The amount of technology that is at our fingertips today – it’s incredible. It can also provoke a lot of anxiety, especially if you’re on the hunt to find the best possible tools for your business while on a budget. Where do you even begin researching for software? What apps can you trust?

If Only Someone Could Give You Some Direction…

The team at Better Partners has a list of recommended tools for you!

Well, we can. We’re the tech geeks at Better Partners and we’ve taken the liberty to do the research for you. We’ve listed (& rated) our favorite tools based on capabilities, cost, and even customer service. Here’s an outline of how the software and/or application is ranked.

The Better List | Standards for Our Recommended Tools 

Feature Rich Configuration: Is there flexibility? Will this product meet my needs?

Cost/Benefit: Will the features be worth every penny?

Look Before You Leap: Can I trial the product before I invest?

Multi-User Capabilities: How many users can use this product?

Strong Community Value: Is there community knowledge & support?

Responsive Customer Support: If I need help, is there a human being who can answer my questions? Immediately?

If you’ve invested in Salesforce, you can connect a number of data sources.

Looking for a Tool to Connect Directly to Salesforce?

Many of you have already made a substantial investment in Salesforce, so a number of the products on The Better List are compiled of data sources that will connect directly to your Salesforce account. This is a huge cost and time saver! And, why not leverage, extend, and maximize Salesforce to its full potential? For the software or applications that don’t integrate with Salesforce, check them out, too! These tools might be just as handy for your business needs.

We’ll always keep you updated with the best tools out there!

We’re on Top of the Trends

Technology will only continue to advance, so you’ve got to stay on top of the trends. But, if you want software or applications to be both functional and economical, pay attention to the tools the tech geeks like us are using. We know what we’re talking about. Moreover, we’re happy to help. Hope you enjoyed our blog on Tools to Increase Efficiency and Productivity!

If you’ve got questions about tools that haven’t made The Better List, or you’d like to learn more about what’s on our list, connect with the team at Better Partners today.

Contact Better Partners for more Salesforce tips or business consultation on tools to increase productivity!

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