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Companies often come to us with a Salesforce data challenge. The conversation typically recounts how, over time, important data has scattered over multiple systems. Data has become messy, stale, and downright untrustworthy. As a result, the company’s sales team isn’t using Salesforce to its optimal level (if they’re using it at all). The conversation usually wraps with a plea: Can you help us?”

Yes! Yes, we can!

We accept your data challenge and solve it with a one-two punch…

First, Assess

We take a deep dive into your current Salesforce environment to assess the state of your data. The most common culprit to messy data is duplicate contacts, duplicate accounts, duplicate reports—duplicate anything, really. We ruthlessly analyze suspect data and either merge it or purge it out of your system.

Next, Manage

Now that data is shiny and freshly integrated into Salesforce, we establish some management protocols. These best practices help maintain data we just cleaned up as well as new data moving forward. Simple management practices may include enabling the Salesforce environment to issue an alert when attempted data entry violates protocol (no duplicate accounts!). Or maybe you need some training on proper data entry (Better Partners loves to train). Or it could be time to name a devoted Salesforce admin to ensure continuity and clean data. The point is to have some protocols in place to maintain trustworthy data that generates meaningful reports to accomplish future goals.

If your Salesforce data is all over the place, let Better Partners turn sloppy, stale data into effective, usable information that grows your business.

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