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Sound like you? Many of our clients do not have a dedicated Salesforce Administrator on staff so there’s no one at the “expert” level to internally advise your team. What’s more typical is the company with a point person who’s responsible for “dealing with” Salesforce and is actually excited about all it offers.

But without regular familiarity and knowledge, that team member becomes overwhelmed with possibilities and could miss all the benefits of the versatile Salesforce platform—or worse, inadvertently hinder results (as the saying goes, just enough knowledge to be dangerous…).

We Mentor and Coach Salesforce Users

For companies without a devoted Salesforce Admin, Better Partners serves as a responsive mentor and coach. We meet with your internal Salesforce point person on a regular basis to discuss needs and consult on the capabilities of the platform to accomplish usability concerns.

Why? What?

As we coach, you hear us ask “why” and “what” quite often. Why are you using Salesforce in that way…? What are you trying to accomplish with Salesforce…? Your input helps us drill down to a core struggle that informs the best way to customize Salesforce.

Solutions for Now and Tomorrow

Because Salesforce is highly customizable, there’s often more than one way to solve an issue. We know the nuances of the platform and by asking “why” and “what,” we can effectively guide your internal Salesforce contact to implement solutions for today…and be prepared for future needs.

No Devoted Salesforce Admin?

No problem! Contact Better Partners to discuss flexible coaching and training packages. We offer monthly, bi-weekly, and as-needed consultations to keep your Salesforce point person in the know on how Salesforce can be customized for your org’s needs.

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