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Learn "5 Tips for Launching Lightning" from Brian Kwong at Salesforce World Tour Chicago.

Learn “5 Tips for Launching Lightning” from Brian Kwong at Salesforce World Tour Chicago.

Looking to launch the new Salesforce Lightning Experience? Join Better Partners at the Salesforce World Tour Chicago next week, June 15th, for a full day of innovation and access to the best speakers and presentations in the industry. VP of Operations & Delivery, Brian Kwong – aka “The Salesforce Wizard” – will present on “5 Tips for Launching Lighting.”


Event Details:

Admission: Free

Location: McCormick Convention Center

Better Partners Presentation: Admin Theater, 4:30pm


Meet up with Better Partners the day of the event!

Meet with Torrey & Brian at the Salesforce World Tour Chicago!

Meet with Torrey & Brian at the event!

Make sure to connect with us the day of the event. In addition to understanding why the new Lightning interface is good for business, we’re happy to answer any questions that can help you be successful with Salesforce. Click below to schedule a time to meet up.

For those of you unable to join Better Partners in Chicago, follow us for updates on twitter and/or our blog. Feel free to leave comments and – should you have any questions – we’ll make sure to respond. We’re here to help you become more efficient and make the right decisions for your business.

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