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We work with a lot of companies who are just starting to use Salesforce. They’ve gone through the trial process, and are feeling overwhelmed. Often, we hear the complaint, “Salesforce is huge. It offers so much, yet I don’t know where to start. How do I get this rolling for my company!?”

When this is the case, Better Partners focuses on addressing three primary questions:

What’s important to YOU?

Why did you sign up for Salesforce in the first place? What were you hoping Salesforce could do for your business? Most importantly, what pieces of Salesforce’s standard functionality are a good fit for what you’re trying to do (with minimal customization)?

What’s missing?

There may be things that you want to do, that aren’t included in standard Salesforce functionality. We can help you customize your org and improve on the standard package.

What’s showing up that doesn’t apply to your business?

Salesforce is a huge, ever-changing platform. Possibly, the most important thing we can help you identify is which tools you don’t need. We’ll help you push them out of the way, so they don’t distract your team. This allows you to focus on what’s really important when it comes to getting results for your business.

If you’re struggling with successful Salesforce implementation, contact us. We’d be happy to walk through these three questions with you, to figure out how to optimize your Salesforce org for the best possible results.


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