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Being a “cloud based service” company, sometimes we don’t get to meet our client partners in person. When an opportunity to get multiple partners together presents itself, we jump. Thankfully, we all have Dreamforce – Salesforce’s annual convention – to serve as a central meeting point. We were thrilled to have some of our client partners from all across North America join us for dinner at Fang in San Francisco on Thursday, October 6.

It was a fun event, giving us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with some people for the very first time.  It also gave us a chance to say “thank you”, as there would be no Better Partners without our partners. The dinner was a fantastic opportunity to introduce people to each other. Most interesting was listening to our partners talk about their different organizations, but similar challenges. We hope that we can make the salesforce community stronger by introducing people in similar roles and similar problems.

It was also the day before Torrey Nagle’s, president & founder, birthday. Our client partners spontaneously joined to sing him Happy birthday when the information was leaked.

Happy Birthday Torrey!

Happy Birthday Torrey!

Thank you to Janelle Harris and Ed Berecz frm Cambro Manufacturing Company, Kal Gil and Jacques Law from Earle Baum Center, Bill Martinez and Catherine Gordon from Booker Software, Jessica Tanner from Card Monroe Corp, and Austin Schmitt and Mike Palumbo from Great Waters Financial for joining us for our Dreamforce dinner.


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