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Are you a Salesforce Certified Admin? Are you planning on getting certified? Cirrus Insight has a deal for you. They’re giving away Amazon gift cards $200 for any newly certified admins in 2016 and $100 for existing certified admins.

“What?” I hear you say. “There’s got to be a catch.” And you will be right. The catch is you have to either be a current customer of Cirrus Insight or sign up for their free 14 day trail. Cirrus Insight integrates Salesforce with your email. It supports both Gmail and Outlook 365. You’re able to create Leads, Contacts, Cases, and Opportunities directly from your email. There’s lots of other features available that are worth checking out.

List Better Partners as you referrer and if you do decide to purchase Cirrus Insight after your trail you can receive 20% off.

Sign up for your Amazon Gift Card:

The form will ask for your certification number (if you have it). You can find this number of the certification document that is sent after you successfully past your certification exam.

Why get Salesforce Certified? Getting certified is a great way to show the world you’re knowledgeable in Salesforce. There are a number of different certifications with paths for both developer and administrators.  Once certified, you have to take an exam for each Salesforce release to keep you up-to-date on the features.

Learn more about Salesforce certification:

Learn more about Cirrus Insight

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