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AutoQuotes is an online catalog application, popular in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry. The software creates and generates digital and printed quotes, purchase orders and product catalogs.

While utilizing AutoQuotes is beneficial to many companies, it does not natively share this data with the organization’s CRM system. This cripples pipeline management and reporting, typically done within the CRM. Better Partners has a method for integrating the information from AutoQuotes into your Salesforce CRM system.

Here’s 6 Reasons to Integrate AutoQuotes with Salesforce

  1. Saves hours of manual data entry every week by eliminating double data entry: You are already creating quotes with all the products and pricing. Why do this again, in your CRM? Have your sales staff focused on selling, not entering the same product information into AutoQuotes and Salesforce separately.
  2. Works for all manufacturers represented and quoted using AutoQuotes, even custom quotes. Even if your manufacturers products require a custom quote every time, you can leverage this integration solution.
  3. Eliminates potential duplicate line items in Salesforce: Manual entry can cause errors, lowering the accuracy of your sales data. Accurate sales data means you can rely on your sales reports for forecasting and pipeline management
  4. Provides strategic visibility to product trends in territory. Use Salesforce’s powerful reporting engine to answer factory questions about quoted products in your territory long before orders are placed, making you a more strategic partner for your manufacturers.
  5. Supports Salesforce Professional Edition (and up)
  6. Leverages MAFSI / AutoQuotes export (daily): No additional setup or changes required within your AutoQuotes system. You get a daily file via email. All you have to do is copy the email attachment to a folder and unzip it. Simple!

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