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Flight Plans is a new product from Cirrus Insight. It is an additional feature to your existing Cirrus Insight e-mail integration for Gmail.

Flight Plans allows you to formalize and automate portions of your business processes. It’s a fit for processes in Sales, delivery, customer service, and nearly any of your business processes involving customer contact where consistency is important for success.

It allows you to prompt your employees to perform certain actions. Flight Plans consist of three actions:

  • To-Dos
  • Phone Calls – Complete with a call script
  • Emails, which can be sent automatically

People can be added to an active Flight by using a List View or Report from Salesforce. Each person in the Flight will be assigned an outcome, either positive or negative.

Better Partners was provided access to a Beta version of Flight Plans. Our VP of Delivery & Operations, Brian Kwong, created a first-hand look video of how Flight Plans work. Our first video shows how easy it is to create a simple Flight Plan. We’ll be releasing additional videos showing how Flight Plans work once people are added to a Flight and how analytics work.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to formalize a process with Flight Plans from Cirrus Insight:

Hope you enjoyed our blog post on Flight Plans by Cirrus Insight!


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