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Imagine yourself – a successful business owner – vacationing on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. You’ve got your piña colada in hand; the waves are crashing along the shoreline. Life should feel fantastic; yet, something’s amiss…

Despite the Zen-like serenity, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is off with your business. Over and over, you ask yourself: is the work getting done? Are my employees being productive? What if money’s not hitting the bank? How is revenue? Cash flow? What’s in the sales funnel?

What if business comes to a grinding halt without me there?


The anxiety you feel is so intense, you’re just about ready to cut your vacation short and jump on the next plane. But, something miraculous happens…

A young man, seemingly out of nowhere, rides up on his ol’ timey bicycle.

“Mr. Thompson?”


“It’s a good thing you’ve figured out your key performance indicators (KPIs),” he says, and hands you a telegram. “A lot of business owners these days aren’t paying attention to their beach side metrics. They’re in this beautiful, exotic place, but they can’t seem to enjoy themselves because they have no idea how their business is running.”

As the young man bikes away, you realize this telegram contains the answers to your burning questions. Is it true? At some point did you know well enough to identify what KPIs were important to your business’ success and now you have this information at your fingertips?

What Are Your Beach Side Metrics?

Let’s face it. For business owners, worries like these exist whether or not you’re sitting in the office or vacationing on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. Your business means everything to you, so you’re always going to be thinking about these things. Yet, being able to review your top indicators from your Salesforce Dashboard, from wherever you might be, can be the difference between enjoying that piña colada or hopping on the next plane home.

So, what are your beach side metrics? What top 5 indicators will keep you from jumping on a plane? What immediate information do you need to know, day in and day out, to help you remain in control of your business’ growth trajectory? Income and expenses? Customer responsiveness? LOB Revenue Vs. Target? While these indicators might be different for each business, they help to map out your success.

Learn More

If you need help identifying your organization’s beach side metrics or learn how to tap into the power of Salesforce to manage them, the team at Better Partners can set you up for success. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your Salesforce Reports and Dashboards so that you can run your business beach side. The ‘life is a beach’ thing can be a reality if you plan accordingly – and, managing your business metrics is key.

Contact Better Partners for more Salesforce tips or business consultation on running auto pilot!

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