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Want to Change the Way You Do Business, for the Better? Integrate Email.

You know the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” If you or your teams are still using email the same way you were ten years ago, your well-intentioned use of technology is dated, at best. Worst case scenario? You’re hijacking your people’s time and energy with an antiquated process. If you want to change the way you do business, for the better, integrate email with Salesforce. It’s an effective way to harness current technology and give your people a tool that will put good data into your system (so you can get good data out).

Still not convinced? Check out these 6 reasons to integrate email for better Salesforce adoption. We promise the way you do business will change for the better.

1. Flawless Integration

Cirrus Insight is our preferred partner who can bring Salesforce right to your inbox!

It’s not a leap to assume that any business using Salesforce also uses email. Yet, many of them haven’t integrated the two. It can be difficult to determine what email integration option is best for your team. Some options are paid and some are free. We’re here to listen to your goals for email integration. We will take the time to understand which specific tools your team needs, and help you find and customize the best integration solution. After evaluating our own needs, we chose Cirrus Insight. We loved it so much we became official partners  – check it out.



2. Eliminate Double Data Entry

Eliminate double data entry by integrating Salesforce into your email platform

A while back, we talked about Getting Your People To Adopt Good Data Practices. This is key to making Salesforce truly benefit your business. But if your process to get good data into the system is daunting, or perceived as a time-waster (ie: double data entry!), your people are going to resist it. With the right email integration in place, your team doesn’t even have to log into Salesforce to update their data! They can access everything they need from their email, which makes this a profitable productivity tool.



3. Get New Prospects Into The System Faster

It’s a best practice to get new prospects into Salesforce ASAP so the system can: a) prompt your salesperson on next steps b) keep them on track to close the sale. The reality is, if your team waits until the end of the week to input data, details can get lost (which means you’re not getting accurate data out of your system!). The excuse we hear most often? “It’s a pain and a time-suck to go back and do that data entry.” When you integrate email, however, the new prospect can be added to Salesforce without ever leaving your email platform. With the simple click of a button, the software searches the email for relevant data (name, title, contact info, etc.,) and automatically builds a new contact. All your employee needs to do is assign next steps, and the data entry is done.

4. Monitor Communication At A Glance

Email Integration is all about efficiency.

Regular email inboxes tend to be a mess, and tracking a chain of communication is imperfect. But, when you integrate email with Salesforce, it becomes quick and easy to monitor communication at a glance. All you need to do is click on an email in your inbox, and the record of that person will pop up! You’ll be able to see how many emails have gone back and forth, what’s been opened, and who’s responded. This is a great tool for salespeople. It’s also a great tool for customer service people tracking open support tickets. All in all, it’s an efficient way to see where things stand.

5. Avoid The Dashboard Of Shame

Remember the “Dashboard of Shame?” Integration with your email platform can help your people stay off of this “bad data” list by making it easier to enter good data. When a new email comes in, they can add the email content to the Salesforce record with one click. No more copying and pasting. No more transcribing notes  after the communication has been completed. Your team can simply choose where the communication goes, and it will automatically be added to the Salesforce record.

Email integration can help you stay off of the “Bad Data” list!

6. Better Processes

Most business owners and managers put processes in place in an effort to make their teams more efficient and productive – yet, sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by making it more difficult for our people to get their work done. By harnessing current technology and integrating Salesforce with your email platform, you simplify those processes even further. This allows your people to do what they’re great at, instead of spending time updating the CRM.

Let Better Partners Help You Get the Good Data You Need to Run Your Business!

If you’re looking for ways to make your CRM work better for your business, email integration could be one. When we think about Getting Your People To Adopt Good Data Practices, we also have to think about the process we’re asking them to use, and if it’s the most efficient way to do the job. Email integration is a great way to streamline your process and ensure that you’re getting the good data you need to run your business. No matter what email platform you’re on, what industry you’re in, or what specific tools your team needs, we’ll help you find the best way to integrate email with Salesforce. Give us a call to learn more. Hope you enjoyed our blog on 6 Reasons to Integrate Email for Better Salesforce Adoption!

Contact Better Partners for more tips or business consultation on email integration!

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