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On Wednesday, I had the great pleasure of co-presenting on a Salesforce Webinar. We provided an Introduction to Flow.

Visual Workflow, or Flow, is a one of the Salesforce features that is a real passion of mine. Fans like to call it declarative programming, or programming with clicks not code. One of the great strengths of Flow is letting you build screens to capture and provide information to a user. This makes it a powerful tool for guiding users down a complicated process. Flow can be very beneficial in making sure you get the data that you need without being too overbearing on your user.

For this introduction, Mark Ross and I built a simple Flow. The Flow guides the user to providing the information a typical Salesforce Administrator may need when creating a new user or requesting a new feature within the company’s Salesforce CRM environment.

Flow can also be used to provide a call script for your inside sales and service staff. You can use Flow to collect information on one screen and then create multiple related records in Salesforce. There are many more use cases which I will share in future posts.

Be sure to check out the slides and video.

Or just view the video below:

Can’t wait to try Flow yourself? I have “How-To” posts over at my personal blog. Also check out my Flow Training Videos.

Hope you enjoyed our blog post on Introduction to Salesforce Flow!


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